Last week, we featured articles that sent out lots of information on various websites where you can watch and download thousands of available movies for free. Today we are right back with yet another place where you can easily download and watch your desired movies. and the website that we are about to lead you to is called 123Movies.


*. Just like, this (The original 123movies website) cloned website has almost the same interface and similar characteristics. The website usually updates their movies with the latest entries and also have lots of movies that have just been released this 2019.

In order to watch and download lots of movies from the website, you can visit the website using this link ->>

*. This is another website where you can both stream and downloads any movie that is on the website. The website has thousands of interesting movies and they usually update their website very fast. In order to stream and download movies from the website, visit the website using this link ->>

How to Watch 123Movies

In order to enjoy current and interesting movies from 123Movies,  what you have to do is follow the guidelines that will be listed below.

1). Ensure that you have a good internet connection.
2). Navigate to the website using either this Link,This Link or This Link.
3). Click on any category you want to watch movies from or you can use the search bar to search directly for the movie that you want to watch.
4). Click on the movie and start watching your desired movie and that is all.
5). But if the movie is the one with Episodes, then go ahead and click on your desired episode and that is all.

123movies download

There are different ways that you can download from 123movies and we will show you the simple steps in this article. In order to carry out a successful 123movies download, follow the instructions that are below.

1). Visit, find the particular movie that you want to download from 123movie, click “play” to make endeavor the video runs smoothly, then go ahead and copy its URL.

2). Paste the URL of your desired movie on the space provided on the website and click on download.

3). Then you just follow a few instructions to completely download your desired movie.

Alternative 123movies download

You can better still use this easy download step to download any movie that you like and want to watch offline directly from your device by following the guidelines that are listed below.

1). Have a good internet connection before you embark on the download process.

2). Visit and search for the movies that you want to download.
3). When you must have found the movies that you want to download, click on it and you will be asked to register and pay some amount of money for the movie that you want to watch, then you can have access to download your desired movie.

Note: You can stream and watch any movies that you want on the website for free, but if you want to download the movie, then you will be required to pay a certain amount of money.

123movies Alternative websites

You will find below other websites where you can also watch and download interesting movies.

1). Movies4me.
6). Toxicwap
7). GenVideos



We hope this article was helpful to you. You can also share this article to your friends who have been finding it difficult to actually carry out a successful 123movies download.

It is important that you stick with us as we will endeavor to bring to you more websites where you can actually download thousands of interesting movies for free.

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