Here is a post for all the Access bank customers who want to make inquiries or complaints about access bank service but don’t feel like visiting the banking hall. There are different ways that you can contact access bank customer care. You can either use the Access Bank online (Live) chat, Access Bank customer care number or their official email address.

Access bank customer care phone number

Access bank customer care

It is no longer news that access bank is one of the largest banks in Nigeria, with a lot of customers who have different types of account with them. With lots of customers, comes lots of complain or enquiries from these same customers. Don’t get it twisted we are not suggesting that there is any major dissatisfaction from access bank. but like other banks, access bank is also managed by humans.

But thankfully, access bank customer care is always available 24/7 to welcome all your inquiries or complaints. They have qualified and competent customer care representatives and agents that can confidently resolve and handle all your needs. Access Bank provided the access bank customer care service in other to satisfy their customers.


Here are the amazing features of Access Bank Customer Care Number Line and Online Chat.

There are lots of things that you can resolve with the access bank customer care phone number and online chat. Below are all the problems that you can resolve with the phone numbers or online chat provided below.

    1. Card transaction issues
    2. Stop cheque instruction
    3. ATM card block request
    4. Online banking inquiries
    5. Card PIN re-issue request
    6. Online banking password reset
    7. Enquiries about your Account balance.
    8. Enquiries about your Statement of account.
    9. More Information on Access Bank services & products.
    10. Any complaints ranging from all Access Bank products and services.

Customer Care Numbers/Email

This is the Access Bank Customer Care Number Lines, and email address which you can use to reach their customer representative.

Should in case you want to make any inquiry or complaints about any access bank product or services call the numbers below.

      • Access Bank Customer Care phone number 1 (+234 1- 2712005-7)
      • Access Bank Customer Care number (+234 1- 2802500) or (07002255222377)

NOTE: You will be charged by your service providers for making calls to this number. What we mean is that you will need to have airtime on your line before you can contact the bank customer care.

Access Bank Customer Online Chat

For those who want to be more economical or somehow prefer the access bank live chat to calling on the phone, below is how you can contact them.

Access Bank Customer Care Online Email Address

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