Hi everybody! Today we will be discussing Access Bank Internet and Online Banking and how you can get started. Before we proceed, we will like to enlighten you on what internet banking which is also known as Online Banking is all about. Internet banking is an easy electronic payment method that allows bank customers to carry out different types of financial transactions either through the bank mobile app or the bank website.

Access bank has been able to provide access bank internet banking online platform in order for their customers to perform their financial transactions from the comfort of their homes or from anywhere. This simply means that access bank customers can now carry out virtually all their financial transactions without visiting the banking hall.

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Access Bank Internet Banking Registration

Here is how to register for access bank internet banking registration. For those who are new to Access Bank online banking platform, simply follow the steps below in order to register and use the access bank online banking system.

01). Visit Access Bank internet banking website using this link: https://ibank.accessbankplc.com/RetailBank/

02). Click the “Register Now” Button.

03). You will provide your account number in the text box in order for the bank to know that you are their customer.

Fill in your Current or Savings Account number then click “Next“.

04). You will receive an email and an SMS containing an activation code which will be sent to the number that is linked with your access bank.

05). Type in the code in the appropriate box and click on the button tagged “Submit”.

06). After entering the activation code and it is verified, you would be redirected to another page where you would be required to choose your preferred internet banking ID, Password and a secure Image.

The secure image is a security feature on the Access Bank Internet banking platform that usually comes up any time you type your username and click the submit  button. 
If the image displayed is what you uploaded during registration, you are free to go ahead and type in your password. But if it’s a different image or non displayed at all, please don’t type in your password because it’s not save. This measure was adopted to restrict the activities of fraudsters.

07). After choosing your internet banking ID, Password and secured Image, you would need to accept their terms and conditions >> then click on the “Submit” button.

08). Once the registration is successful, you are now ready to log on to Access bank Online banking platform.

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NOTE: If you want to make a third party transfer, (transfers or any transaction involving any party that is not an Access Bank customer) using the access bank online banking platform, a token would be required.

For those who don’t know what a token is; it’s a personal security device which allows you to generate random numbers called “One-Time Password”. This is necessary in order to make your security stronger when conducting any online transactions.

If you want a token, visit any access bank branch and request for one. You may be charged a little fee.

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