Access Bank Code For Transfer, Airtime Recharge & Account Balance (Daily Limit & Their Charges).

The main characteristics of access bank codes are access bank transfer code, access bank airtime recharge code, access bank account balance code.

Access bank was among the first banks to acquaint Nigerians with mobile banking USSD codes.

Nigeria is fast passing the stage when they have to form a long queue in banks just to withdraw money and also queue again just to transfer or send money to somebody. And, the most annoying part of it all is that you need to drive or walk all the way from your house just to go and check your account balance in your bank.

Formerly, it wasn’t even possible to purchase airtime directly from your bank to your phone.

When the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) first arrived in Nigeria, the banking stress was alleviated. You can currently withdraw your money even on public holidays and weekends.

Now with the help of an ATM, you can see details of your account balance, transfer money and even recharge airtime. But, the problem of queuing up hasn’t been completely eliminated.

CBN formerly introduce and tried to implement a cashless policy. And finally, the movement by CBN actually led to the introduction of internet banking platforms and mobile banking apps and various codes by banks in Nigeria.

Mobile banking has finally put individuals in control of their money, they can now have access to their bank account 24/7. And this seems to be the perfect remedy for ending the long queue that we always experience in the banking hall.

Access Bank Transfer Code

There are two ways to access mobile banking; one is through the access bank mobile app and secondly is by using the access bank USSD code.

The access bank transfer code does not demand that you be connected to the internet in order for you to access your account. The access transfer code (Access Bank USSD code) can work on any device that is capable of making and receiving calls; even with a Nokia Touch, you can make transactions using the code.

The Access Bank code is simply *901#.

Nevertheless, the access bank code has multiple functions it can be used for; and they include:

  • Funds Transfer.
  • Check Account Balance.
  • Airtime Recharge.
  • Pay Bills.
  • Open Account.
  • Cashless Withdrawal.
  • Purchase Data.
  • Payday Loan.
  • Create or Reset Transaction PIN.
  • Merchant Payment.
  • Increase Transaction Limit.
  • OTP Generation.

The introduction of access bank transfer code has made banking a lot faster, easier and safer for those who have an access bank account. It has also made a lot of banking features accessible to the customers who can’t afford to purchase a smartphone.

Conditions for Using Access Bank Code (*901#).

There are certain requirements that must be met before anybody can be eligible to use the access bank code:

  1. Bank Account: You will open a Naira account with access bank.
  2. Phone Number: you will have to provide a Phone number that will be connected to your access bank account.
  3. Mobile Phone: This is for receiving and accessing pieces of information on your account.
  4. BVN: The Last 4-digits of your bank verification number.

Access Bank Transfer Code: (Inter Bank Transfer & Transfer To Others)

With the help of your phone whether a Nokia touch or an Android phone, you can transfer fund from Access Bank to Access Bank & you can also transfer funds from your access bank account to other banks. Endeavor to create a PIN using the *901# menu options, in order to keep your transactions very secured.

Access Bank To Access Bank Transfer

There are two different ways you can transfer fund from your access bank account to another person access bank account. The first method on my list is recommended to reduce network charges.

  • Simply dial *901*1*Amount*Account Number# this transaction should be on the phone number linked to your bank account.
  • Type in the last 4 digits of your Bank Verification Number[BVN] or your transaction PIN.

For instance, I want to send the sum of 4000 Naira to another access bank account with this (07098765432) ass the account number.

I simply dial *901*1*3000*0724405627#.
I will be asked to enter my last four BVN digits or 4 digits security code to finally complete the transfer.

After going through that process, I will a notification letting me know if the transaction was successful or it failed.

Here is another way you can send funds from access bank to access bank:

  1. Just dial *901#
  2. Select 2 for transfer funds
  3. Select 1 to transfer to access bank
  4. Enter the Last 4-digits of your BVN or transaction PIN.

How Do I Transfer Money from My Access Bank To Other Nigerian Banks?

This type of transfer is known as “interbank transfer” and it allows you to send money from your access bank account to a different bank that is not access bank in Nigeria like GTBank, Zenith etc.

  • To do this simply dial *901*2*Amount*Account Number# from the phone number you linked with your access bank account.
  • Confirm the receiver’s name.
  • Finalize the transfer transaction by using your transaction PIN or the last 4-digit of your BVN.
    Then you will be sent a notification to let you know if the transfer was successful or not.

Here is another way you can send funds from access bank to other banks in Nigeria:

  • simply dial *901#
  • Select 2 for transfer funds.
  • Select 2 to transfer to another bank.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your BVN or PIN.

Access Bank Recharge Code For Self & Third Party.

It is a good thing that mobile banking was introduced in Nigeria. Because with the access bank mobile banking you can easily recharge your sim and also recharge for your loved ones with airtime directly from your bank. To learn how to self-recharge, that is to recharge for yourself and how to recharge for the third party via access bank code, then simply follow the instructions below.

Self Recharge

To recharge your number(the one linked to your Access Bank Account) with 800 Naira. dial *901*Amount#. For instance, dial *901*800#.
Finally, complete your transaction with your transaction PIN or the last four digit of your BVN.

Third Party Recharge

To recharge for other numbers that are not linked to your access bank account, then follow the simple instructions below:

  • Just dial *901*Amount*Reciever’s Number#. For instance *901*800*08121228935# to recharge 08121228935 with 800 Naira.
  • Finalize the airtime recharge process entering your last 4 digits of your BVN.

How Do I Check My Access Bank Account Balance?

In other to see your access bank account balance details, just dial *901*5#.

Other Access Bank Codes

  • Bills Payment: *901*3#.
  • Buy Data: *901*8#.
  • OTP Generation: *901*4*1#.
  • Merchant Payment: *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#.
  • Payday Loan: *901*11#.
  • Open an Account: *901*0#.
    If you have different Naira accounts with access bank, like savings and current account, then it is necessary to select a default account and you can do that using the instructions below.
  1. Simply dial *901#
  2. Select number 8.
  3. finally, Select number 3 to choose a default account.

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Daily Charge and Limits For Access Bank Code.

  • Limit For Airtime Recharge: The Minimum for access bank recharge is 5 Naira and the highest or the Maximum is 5, 000 Naira in a day.
  • Limit For Fund Transfer: The Maximum amount to transfer is 100,000 Naira in a day.
  • Transfer Charges: Interbank transfers it is free. That is, for Access bank to access bank transfer, there are no charges, while transfer to banks that do not access banks will attract 55 Naira charges.
  • Network Charges: They charge 2 to 5 Naira and this depends on the length of time you have spent on the platform and the network you are using (Mtn, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile).
    The maximum time you can spend o the platform is 2 minute per session. Nevertheless,  after 20 seconds of inactivity, your session will be a timeout. This is all we have for you on access bank code.

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