Ecobank is one of the top ten leading banks in Nigeria even when it all boils down to their electronic services like the Ecobank Internet banking which is also known as Ecobank Online banking.

To access the Ecobank internet banking platform, you must have an eco bank account. With the eco bank internet banking, you can carry out virtually all your banking activities without visiting the banking hall. Ecobank online banking comprises of both the use of eco-bank internet banking and Ecobank mobile app to carry out your financial transactions.

There are many things that you can do on the Ecobank internet banking platform, below are the benefits of using the eco bank internet banking to carry out your financial transactions.


Ecobank online banking offers you convenient and reliable real-time services on its platform. Below are the things you can do on the Ecobank online banking platform:

  1. E-mail Ecobank and get feedback (Complaints or Enquiries).
  2. View your account balances and print statements.
  3. Transfer money within and outside Ecobank.
  4. Request cheque books and stop cheques.
  5. Also, make international transfers.
  6. Update your contact details.
  7. Set-up standing orders.
  8. Make fixed deposits.


 Ecobank Internet banking:

  • Money Transactions: You can perform financial transactions like online payments, money transfers, and real-time transactions, both internationally and locally.
  • Stronger security: Ecobank online banking uses 128-bit encryption, which has been confirmed to be the most powerful and secure encryption.
  • 24/7 Customer support: Should in a case you have any complaints or inquiries as regarding your experience while using Ecobank online banking, you can use their 24/7 support center. You can also get e-mail feedback directly. Just keep reading to see how you can access all these features.


For existing Ecobank account holders, then it is not necessary to register for Ecobank Online banking. The reason is that all existing Ecobank customers are automatically enrolled into Ecobank online banking programme. All that is required for existing Ecobank customers is to get there password and unique ID number. Just keep reading to see how you can do just that. Below are the steps that you need to take in order to get your Ecobank online(internet) banking login information:

Steps To Register For Ecobank Internet Banking

01). Visit Ecobank official Website and move your mouse above the drop-down menu tagged “Everyday Banking” click on the “Apply for an account or service”.

02). You will see a list of countries, choose Nigeria and ‘Activate an Ecobank Product’ on the list provided. If the ‘Next’ button becomes clickable >> click on it >> choose Internet Banking from the listed options on the Products to activate the page and move on to the next one.

03). Choose the State where you opened your existing Ecobank account on the Account detail page >> Choose the branch where you opened your account, but if you have forgotten, you can skip that part.

04). There are two boxes below the two options. One of the boxes requires that you type in your current account number, but if you don’t have one, then choose the other box for your savings account number. After filling your account number click the ‘Next’ button.

05). You will see a personal Details page, all you have to do is fill in the gaps with the appropriate information, then click on the ‘Next’ button.

06). When you get to the final information contact page, leave the information on how to reach you and finish your application.

07). If you were able to do things correctly, you will see a request form. Go ahead to download and print the form.

08). Submit the form to any Ecobank branch near you in order to summarize the process.

09). In a short while, you will be emailed your Ecobank online banking login details.


For those who like the one-on-one kind of communication, all you have to do is visit the nearest Ecobank branch collect and fill the Ecobank Internet Banking form in order to avoid following the above-mentioned process. After filling the form, they will email you your login details (Username & Password). Follow the steps below to access the Ecobank Internet banking:

ecobank online banking

  • Visit the Ecobank login website (,
  • Type in your User ID number in the appropriate field and click Continue.
  • Enter your password, confirm the security image, message and proceed to log in your account.

That is how simple it is to register and log in to your Ecobank online Banking account. I hope this article was able to answer all your questions as pertain to Ecobank online(internet) banking. If you enjoyed the article, don’t hesitate to share it using the social sharing buttons provided below.

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