Today, in this article we will be answering these questions that have always been asked by Ecobank customers, questions like; How Do I Recharge Airtime From Ecobank? or How To Buy Airtime From my Ecobank Account, or may be,

  • How To Load Airtime From Ecobank Account,
  • How to Buy Airtime From Ecobank.

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Ecobank Recharge Code

Ecobank Recharge Code

Then, it is Good news to all to all those that have just asked the questions above, because we have the answers right here.

It is quite easy to recharge from your Ecobank account, by just dialing the Ecobank airtime recharge code, BOOM! you get the amount of airtime you want directly to your mobile phone number associated with your Ecobank account. Don’t forget that the airtime you recharge will be deducted from your Ecobank account and apart from that, there are no extra charges attached when you use the Ecobank USSD code to recharge your mobile phone.

The good thing about this Ecobank recharge code service is, you actually don’t need to stress yourself in search of where to purchase airtime scratch card before making that urgent call to your business partners to your family & friends.

Here is how to Buy Airtime From Your Ecobank Account

  • Firstly, you need a registered phone number that will be linked to your Ecobank Account, if you already have done that already, then move to the second step.
  • Secondly, Dial *326*amount you desire#

For instance, you want to recharge N800 or any desired amount apart from N50, just dial the Ecobank airtime recharge USSD code *326*3000# on the mobile number that is associated with your Ecobank Account and your phone will be instantly credited with your desired amount of airtime.

I Have 2 EcoBank Accounts Associated With One Phone number, Which Account Will Be Charged?

Usually, your first account will be charged when you buy airtime using the Ecobank airtime recharge code.

You can also use the Ecobank Mobile App to be in better control of your accounts. With the App, you can switch between accounts easily.

How To Buy Airtime Through Ecobank Mobile App

If you find it difficult to buy airtime Using Ecobank airtime recharge code, or you have two accounts associated with one mobile number and you want to have control over your accounts, then it is necessary that you try this method.

To use this platform, just download Ecobank mobile app from google play store or any other place. After that follow the instructions.

With the Ecobank mobile app, you can also buy airtime for a third party like your family and friends.

Enjoy the Ecobank airtime recharge code services and help your friends know about it by sharing this post.

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