Ecobank Transfer Code

Ecobank Transfer Code

How Do I Transfer Money with Ecobank Money Transfer Code?

Before we dive into the topic of the day, it is necessary we know the main reason behind the Ecobank USSD Code. The Ecobank money transfer code was provided for an easy banking on the go and to enable mobile banking. Bank customers no longer need to wait in a long {ques} to carry out bank transactions. The EcoBank Transfer Code enables you to easily send money from anywhere in the states and from the convenience of your mobile phone without any need for an internet connection.

In the process of trying to deliver a classic banking experience for its customers, EcoBank decided to adopt the innovative use of USSD codes to carry out bank transactions.
With EcoBank USSD code, customers can easily transfer money to their family and friends, pay their bills and also conveniently check their account balance directly from their mobile phones.

The chief aim of this article is to school you on how to make use of the Eco bank USSD Code to carry out transactions like money transfer and how to you can possibly check your account balance using the Eco bank USSD Code.

What Are The Advantages Of Using EcoBank Mobile Money Transfer

  1. It is fast and easy to use.
  2. This service works on all mobile phones.
  3. The process is secured with a special PIN.
  4. There is no need for an internet connection.
  5. It is 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week service.
  6. You make money transfer directly from your mobile phone.
  7. You Get a notification immediately after every transaction.

How Do I Transfer Money Using EcoBank USSD Transfer Code?

It is very easy to transfer money using the Eco bank USSD codes. All it requires is to have a basic knowledge of the proper USSD code to use as an Eco bank customer that really wants to make fund transfer using Eco bank USSD Code.

How Do I Transfer Money with Ecobank Money Transfer Code?

To be able to transfer funds using Eco bank USSD banking code, follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Dial *326# on the phone number linked to your Ecobank account.
  2. Then follow the instructions that will be displayed on your screen when you dial *326#

Note: To transfer funds from Eco bank to Eco bank, you will be charged 10.50 Naira with value-added tax included.
While to transfer money from Eco Bank to a different bank will cost you 52.50 Naira charges.

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How Do I Check Ecobank Account Balance on Mobile Phone?

In other to enquire and see your account balance with Eco bank USSDCode service, follow the instructions below:

  • Simply dial *326# on the phone number linked to your Ecobank account
  • Follow the screen Prompts

Like I said at the beginning, the whole process of using the eco bank money transfer code is super easy and is wrapped around the use of a single USSD code. This is simply to show you how simply simple it is to use this Ecobank money transfer code. Please, don’t pay attention to my jagons[Simply simple, lol…]

I hope this post ‘EcoBank Money Transfer Code’ answered your questions on how to transfer funds with Ecobank. If yes, kindly share this article. Thanks for your time to go through this post. But, in the meantime, BYE BYE…


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