Here are the words from FCMB when they first introduced FCMB USSD Code:

“Carrying out banking transactions shouldn’t be a hassle or dependent on time and location . What could be better than a fast , convenient and secure way to achieve this? Dial *329#, register using any phone type and carry out your transactions on the go – even when you do not have data!

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FCMB Money Transfer Code

FCMB Transfer Code

FCMB USSD Code, which is also known by most people as FCMB Transfer Code is simply *329#, the reason why it is called FCMB Transfer Code is that FCMB customers mainly uses the code to transfer money. The FCMB USSD code is also known by most customers as, FCMB Recharge code, FCMB shortcode, and FCMB Code.

The First City Monument Bank USSD code (*329#) can only be accessed by individuals that have an account with the institution. The FCMB USSD Code allows you to buy airtime directly to your mobile phone or for your loved ones, you can even transfer/send money to another person operating with FCMB or a someone using a different bank in Nigeria via the FCMB Code.

All these transactions can be done right from your mobile phone even without an internet connection and it does not require you to visit any bank or an ATM machine.

Below you will find useful instructions that will enable you to learn how to use the *329# FCMB USSD Code for carrying out different transactions which include how to change your PIN.

How To Register For *329# Service.

To be able to use this USSD Code as a customer you must first register. If you have an account with FCMB and want to use this service, then you must have to follow the instructions below.

  1. Dial *329# on the phone number linked with your account,
  2. Type in your first name, then your last name
  3. Type in your date of birth and it must match with the one used in opening your account
  4. Enter your gender
  5. Create any mPin of your choice which will be used to complete transactions done using the USSD platform
  6. Finally, you will re-enter the pin to confirm it.

How To Buy Airtime With FCMB Recharge Code

To be able to buy airtime directly from your FCMB account, you must first have an active account with FCMB, and you must have money in your FCMB account. With the FCMB Recharge code, you can effortlessly recharge your phone at any time of the day when you are out of airtime.

Simply dial *329*airtime amount#, for instance, *328*800#, this should be done on the number that you linked with your FCMB account. But, if you intend to recharge for your loved ones or friends via the Code, then simply dial *329*airtime amount*reciever’s phone number#. For instance *329*800*08087654321#

How To Transfer Money With FCMB Transfer Code

How do I transfer money using the FCMB transfer code? This seems to be the main reasons why the code was actually made. To be able to transfer money simply dial this FCMB Transfer code *329*amount*Reciever’s account number#, this must be done on the phone number that is linked to your FCMB account. Immediately you finish dialing the code FCMB will show you the details of the receiver for you to confirm. After that, you will be required to enter your FCMB PIN to complete the transaction.

How To Check Your FCMB Account Balance Via FCMB Code

This days we don’t need to join any queue whether at the bank customer care or front of ATM machines just to know your account balance. It’s a lot easier now by just dialing the FCMB code on your mobile phone, even without an internet connection you can check your account balance. To check your FCMB account balance simply dial *329*00# the code must be dialed on the sim card linked with your bank account. FCMB charges N10/transaction

How to Change Your FCMB USSD Code PIN

Supposing you have a feeling that your FCMB Transfer PIN has been compromised, you can actually change it so you don’t have to lose your money to people with the intentions of defrauding you. To change your PIN simply dial *329*0# to change your PIN.


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