Today in this article, we shall be walking you through how to use the Fidelity Bank Money transfer code. Mind you, the Fidelity bank USSD Code for money transfer is not just limited to only transferring funds from Fidelity bank to Fidelity bank or Fidelity bank to other banks.

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Fidelity Bank Code for Money Transfer & Airtime Recharge

Fidelity Bank USSD Code

But, you can also use the Fidelity Bank code for Airtime recharge, paying bills, and carrying out a series of other bank transactions from the comfort of your mobile phone that is not even connected to the internet.

That is to say, whether you are connected to the internet or not, with any type of phone that is capable of receiving and making calls, you can still use the Fidelity bank USSD code for money transfers, buying airtime, checking your balance, and many other fidelity bank transactions with the Fidelity Bank 770 Code

Before you are qualified to use the Fidelity bank code for transferring money to other banks or other bank transactions, you will need to activate the service. To be able to activate the Fidelity bank code service, follow the instructions below.

How to activate the service

1. Begin by dialing *770# from the mobile number that is liked to your Fidelity Bank account.

2. Select Number 1 to choose Instant Banking 770

3. Enter your Fidelity Bank account number

4. Finally, type in any 4-digit number that you want to use as your PIN (Password)

Note the PIN/password, you choose will be required to authorize all future 770 Bank transactions.

Supposing I forget my PIN?
Don’t worry, all you have to do is simply dial *770#, select ‘forgot PIN’ and follow the on-screen prompt.

Fidelity Bank Money Transfer Code: How to use Fidelity Bank code to make transfers

Simply dial *770*Reciever Account Number*Amount#, then follow the on-screen prompts, and you will be finally required to enter your PIN/password to complete the transfer.

For instance, to transfer N9000 to account number 0987654321, you will just dial:

*770*0987654321*9000#, follow the prompts, then enter your PIN to confirm.

How Do I recharge Airtime Using Fidelity Bank Code?

To recharge your own number, which must be linked to your fidelity bank account ~ Just dial *770*Airtime-Amount#

To recharge for other numbers that are not the one that is associated with your fidelity bank account; like to recharge for your family or loved one’s number ~ Just dial *770*Reciver-Phone-Number*Airtime-Amount# e.g. *770*08012345678*1500#

How To Pay Bills With The Fidelity Bank 770 code

To pay your bills, all you have to do is just dial *770*Code*Utility-Number*Amount#.

Fidelity assigned separate codes for each utility. For instance, GOTV is 1088 while DSTV is 1099. See the full list of codes for other utilities like PHCN or Swift.

Your utility number may be your smart-card number for DSTv or Customer ID for Swift.

For instance, to recharge your DSTV with N5,000, you will have to dial *770*1099*41450090312*5000#

Other Transactions You Can Use 770 USSD code to perform

To Change Your PIN

To Check Your Account Balance

To Update Your BVN

To Block Your debit/credit cards


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