Getting a girlfriend very fast might seem impossible and unrealistic, but not until you try this guaranteed 12 secrets that will make her crave for you.

You don’t need to be too confident just as most relationship experts will suggest – You just need to be yourself and that’s all. Below is how to get a girlfriend very fast by simply carrying out this 12 little secretes that will bring out the unique person in you and also make lots of girls attracted to you like a magnet.

Secretes That Will Help You Get A Girlfriend Very Fast.

1. Don’t Try To Get A Girlfriend:

how to get a girlfriend fast

I know you think I’m crazy right now. But the fact is when you start trying to get a girlfriend, you appear desperate – Girls don’t like desperate men. Instead what you should do is go into every new interaction you have with women without expecting anything in return. Don’t be too surprised when most of the girls you interacted with come chasing after you.

Do you know why this works? psychologically, most girls are attracted to men who don’t give a sh*t. unlike most guys who will do everything possible to please girls into liking them. Guys who don’t care much about impressing random girls stand out like a rose amongst thorns.

2. Make Your Presence Felt:

how to get a girlfriend fast

In other words, you are to make her notice you. This doesn’t mean you should stand in her front when she is passing. To make her notice your presence, put on attractive clothes and jewellery that most girls often find attractive. Startup an engaging conversation with her, without showing your intents first. You can keep the conversation neutral for like two weeks without showing your intent, and after that, move on to step 3.

3. Get Rid Of All  Excuses And Approach Her:

how to get a girlfriend

Approach Her

It’s time to get rid of all those silly excuses that have been stopping you – the time to approach her is now! Most times, even when the time is ripe to approach a lady, most guys don’t do it. They are usually scared and coming up with excuses like “Supposing she is not interested in me?” and all that.

But, do you know what I think? It’s time to stop all those limiting beliefs because they will get you nowhere. Instead of harbouring those negative excuses, TAKE ACTION! You don’t need to be a pro in this, just do it anyhow!

4. Don’t Approach Her Like A Coward, Be Confident:

how to get a girlfriend

Now you have finally made up your mind to approach her, you don’t need to be scared. You also don’t need the whole confidence in the world, all need to do is relax your body language, smile and approach her.

Note: Please don’t go approaching her like you’re in the supermarket asking a shelf stacker where the butter’s at. Just relax and don’t be annoying – Let the conversation flow naturally.

If you are wondering the first thing to say to her, then maybe you should start with a genuine compliment – They often bring positive results. After that, then you can tell her that you like her, and also ensure as you converse, that you keep eye contact with her while smiling. Also, try not to be all up in her face, so lean back a little.

5. A Sincere Compliment Should Be a Good Conversation Starter:

how to get a girlfriend

How To Get a Girlfriend.

A genuine compliment should be ok to start a conversation with your crush. If you don’t know what kind of compliment to give to her, then think of the first thing that attracted you to her. Was it her dimples, her charming smile, your first time to see her put on makeup? Just find anything that attracted you to her and start a conversation from it.

Don’t forget the slogan “different strokes for different folks”. Thus, you don’t need to mention any awkwardness if you meet her in a bar. Just “Hi” or “Hello, I saw you from across the bar.” will be good enough to start a conversation.

6. Occasionally Tease Her During Conversations:

Do you want to become THE MOST WANTED? Then it’s time to cleverly start teasing her. Teasing a lady is the simplest way to create $exual tension.

If a girl, for instance, says she likes cats, then you can respond with something like this “How many cats do you currently have? If it surpasses 4 then we’re not gonna work out” Or you can try this “Wait… Are you a cat lady? I knew that striking resemblance when I first saw you!”. You can be more creative with that.

At first she may not get the joke, but in a split second she will realise you were just teasing (and not insulting her) her. And at that moment, she will experience a great feeling of euphoric relief which is usually accompanied by laughter and a punch on your arm in most cases.

PLEASE, don’t force the process, it will happen naturally. As a matter of fact, you will find more opportunities for teasing when you stick to your opinions (not adamantly) and stop agreeing with her just to make her like you.

7. Stay Focused On Her During The Conversation:

how to get a girlfriend

You don’t need to fake anything here. Just make her the main subject by staying focused on her during your conversations. This will help you come out with more topics and will also create ample opportunities for teasing her.

BONUS: During the conversation, you can ask her things like “Do you hate dogs? I know obviously she must be a cat lady and I assume she has ten cats”.

Sometimes when you agree with her on a particular subject, you can say things like “I don’t think both of us are going to get along”, etc.

Here’s a little secrete… After the whole conversation, she will walk to her destination thinking you were fun to be with.

8. Getting Her Number Is The Best Way To Round It Up:

how to get a girlfriend

how to get a girlfriend

Don’t make her start worrying that you are never going to leave. It’s always best when you think the conversation is getting to its peak then make an excuse for leaving and finally collect her number.

Even if she’s still around and you have your friends still in the bar, just let her know you have to join your mates. It’s always important to give her space, just tell her that you will text her later.

9. It’s Time To Ask Her On A Date:

how to get a girlfriend

Please don’t try to rush the whole process. Consciously build her comfort, excitement and curiosity about meeting up with you first, then you can go ahead to ask her out on a date.

For instance, you meet her at a bar, then you can naturally steer the conversation towards a date by mentioning some new bar in town. Don’t go upfront, just put it like a suggestion “have you heard about Zina bar, the new bar in town? I think it’s time we go check it out together”.

If she agrees to go check it out with you, then you can officially ask her out on a date. With this method, you have 90% chances that she might not turn you down. In fact, that’s how to get a girl fast or within a short space of time.

10. How To Choose A Location To Go On A Date With Her: If you want to choose a place where you can go on a date with her, it’s always nice you choose a place that is informal and relaxed. Despite being informal and relaxed, your venue should also have activities where both of you can get physically intimate with the environment.

NOTE: Don’t go for a dinner date on the first date. This is because they are expensive, too formal and awkward.

Suggestions: Some of the places you can go on a date includes Zoos, arcades, ten pin bowling, bars, etc. Cinemas are ok, but only for a second date because it wouldn’t allow you to talk or say your intentions because she’s busing watching movies.

Bonus Tips On How To Get a Girlfriend Fast.

1. Complimenting her is the best way to start a date. E.g “Waw… you look edible” or “You look phenomenal”.

2. Avoid conversations about your exes, how wealthy you are, Politics, where do you see our relationship going, etc.

3. Always be yourself and stop pretending to be who you are not.

4. Carefully flirt with her and if she reciprocates, then it’s time to seal the deal with a kiss.

5. Now, that you’ve made her like you, don’t just end it there.

6. Keep her hooked between dates.

7. Make it official by letting her know you want her as your girlfriend.

8. When she agrees to be yours, continue to text and go on a date with her.


I can’t possibly teach you everything, but I know when you are attracted to a girl, there are higher chances that she’s also attracted to you. So, don’t waste any more time, walk up to her and make your intentions known. Don’t be scared because even if at first she rejects you, she’ll respect you for being bold enough. Maybe you can still try the second time.

But I believe with the steps we’ve listed above on how to get a girlfriend fast, you will be able to find a girlfriend in 2 weeks.

Please don’t just read this article, try it out. And if you have any question or suggestion, don’t be scared to use the comment section. We will try to respond ASAP.

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