My husband has cheated on me several times and I’ve been trying to put up with it but I’m dying in silence. I really don’t know what to do. He first started when I was pregnant with our first son Demian.

I was only four months and two weeks pregnant when I first found out that my husband was having an affair with one of my very good customers. I sell bags of rice, beans, flour, Millet, and corn. I also retail them, at Oshodi market in Lagos state.

my husband has cheated on me several times

My Husband Has Cheated On Me Several Times.

Biafran woman as she is popularly called is my very good customer and she occasionally comes to buy bags of rice and other items she purchases for their hotel where she works. Even most times on Sundays when I’m not in the shop, she calls me and asks for some items they urgently need at their hotel and I rush down to the shop to attend to her.

I never had any idea she was busy having an affair with my husband, Mr Chidi, generator repairer who often comes to stay with me at my shop.

I first became suspicious of them when the woman no longer calls me often but my husband who will rush down to my shop to sell things for her.

In April 2016 my neighbour who sells baby wears, bags, shoes, and bathing tube came to me and told me that she suspects my husband is having an affair with Biafran woman. I asked what makes her think so? She said her husband who is a security man at the hotel where the Biafran woman works sees her with my husband often getting too cosy.

Immediately she told me, I became so uncomfortable and almost cried at the spot, but I told my self not to cry because nothing has been verified yet.

Later that night when my husband came back, I went through his phone and cross-checked the number and it was saved as “My customer”. I also went through his messages and only found new month and about two good night messages which didn’t suggest much. But when I went through his WhatsApp, I saw Biafran woman’s nudé photos and the ones my husband has been sending to her.

I got furious and when he came out from the bathroom I showed him the pics and we started fighting. I reported the matter to my mother and his mother. We ended up settling the matter.

My Husband Is Sleeping With My Maid.

After the whole incident, I lost the trust I had for my husband and didn’t care what he was doing with other women – Because I’ve been hearing about his stories.

My husband has cheated on me several times, but the final stroke that is about to break the camelback is my husband sleeping with my 14 years maid, Sandra. Sandra started staying with us since she was 12 and I recently saw my husband playing with the girl in a way I didn’t like.

One Saturday when I began to grow suspicious of him having an affair with my maid, I ran from my shop to my house, but he has already gone to his shop. I immediately confronted my maid and threatened to beat her up, then she confessed that Oga has been sleeping with her.

My people, I’m seriously tired and don’t know what to do. Why does this man want to destroy my life? should I leave my husband for cheating because it’s getting too much? Please help me, I need your sincere suggestion because I’m dying in pains. I really don’t know what to do.

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