Today we are going to list the names of abortion pills, how to use them and their side effects. But before we proceed, let’s see what abortion means in this context.

Abortion in this context simply means the premature expulsion of a foetus or an embryo from the uterus. Abortion happens in two ways; natural and artificial.

Natural abortion is the process by which the mother’s body naturally expels the foetus probably because it’s dead, developmental and genetic defects, or probably as a result of illness or infection in the mother. It’s important to note that Natural abortions are also known as miscarriages.

Meanwhile, Medically-induced or artificial abortion is the use of surgery or hormone drugs to remove unwanted foetus. Artificial abortion may be carried out if the foetus is deformed, not likely to live, unwanted at the moment, or endangers the mother’s health or life.

You can find the names of effective abortion pills below and it consist of both generic and Trade Names of Drugs for Abortion.

Trade and Generic Names Of Abortion Pills.

Below are the various trade and generic names of drugs for abortion. To get more information about each drug, just click on the name of the abortion drug and you will see vital information such as how to use the abortion drug, how effective it is, preferred time to use it, as well as the side effects of each drug.

names of abortion pills

Names Of Abortion Pills.

NOTE: The names of drugs for abortion listed below is according to ratings and popularity. Before using any of the drugs, click on it to get extra information about it.

1. Misoprostol

Trade Names For Misoprostol: Cytonac-ER (100mg/100mg/200mcg) | Misonac SR | Safeguard | A Kare | Safeguard SR | Misonac | Mifenac| Mtprost (200mg/200mcg) | Cytonac (100mg/100mg) | MTP (200mg/200mcg)

2. Cytotec

3. Mifepristone

Trade Names For Mifepristone: [Mifty | Mtpill | Mifeprin | Mifegest | Abo Pill| Mistone| Termipil | Colestone | Relized | Elmif]

4. Oxytocin

Trade Names For Oxytocin: [Tricinon (10 i.u) | Pfiscocin | Pitocin | Prestocin -5 | Tricinon (5 i.u) | Foetocin | Saytocin | Indox | Oxyson | Oxyton]

5. Pitocin

6. Postinor 2

7. Mifeprex

8. Hemabate.

9. Carboprost

Trade Names For Carboprost: [Coboprost 125 | Prostospan (0.5ml) | Prostodin | Deviprost | Prostospan (1ml) | Caboprost | Deviprost (250mcg) | Prostodin (1 ml)]

10. Cervidil

11. Dinoprostone

Trade Names For Dinoprostone: [PG | Dinoripe | Cerviprime | PG Tablet (0.5mg) | Primiprost | Dinoripe (0.5mg)]

12. Prostin E2

13. Prepidil.

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