Polaris Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer, Buying Airtime & Account Balance (Daily Charges & Limit).

Sky bank, currently known as the ‘Polaris Bank’ USSD Code features things like the Skye bank transfer code, Skye bank airtime recharge code, and Skye bank account balance code.

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Skye bank transfer code

The Skye bank mobile banking ussd code is not just limited to the three features mentioned above, it’s because they are the most used Skye bank ussd code.

There are two ways to use the Polaris bank mobile banking, one is through the use of the Polaris Bank USSD Code and the second is through the use of the mobile app. But, in this article, we will be focusing on Skye Bank USSD Code and how to use it for various transactions like, transferring money, buying airtime, checking your account balance and more.

The Skye bank mobile banking ussd code is quite different from its mobile app. It does not require you to access the internet and it perfectly works on any mobile phone that can receive and make calls. To crown it all the Skye bank mobile banking ussd code is easy to use, fast and is available 24/7 even on holidays and weekends.

If you are the type that roams with your alartz number, even if its Mtn, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile, you can still make transactions with the Skye bank mobile banking ussd code, even when you are outside Nigeria.

Polaris Bank Mobile Banking Code ~ *833# Various Features.

  • Funds Transfer.
  • Check Account Balance.
  • Airtime Recharge.
  • Update BVN Profile.
  • Pay with MasterPass.
  • Bills Payment.
  • Hotlist Debit Card.
  • Open an Account.

Note: Polaris bank are occasionally adding more features to Skye bank Smart banking and we will constantly update this article to reflect any changes made.

How to Register or Activate Your Polaris Bank *833#Mobile Banking.

Before you can start making use of the Polaris mobile banking platform you will have to first register and create your transaction PIN on the platform. To register simply follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *833#,
  2. Choose number 6 to check account balance,
  3. Type in your account number,
  4. Generate any 4-digit transaction PIN of your choice that will be used to complete transactions on the platform,
  5. If your balance is displayed, then you are successful with the registration.

Polaris Bank Mobile Transfer Code: Polaris 2 Polaris Money Transfer & Polaris 2 Other Banks.

With the Skye bank transfer code, you can transfer money from your Skye bank to another Skye bank account or from your Skye bank to a different bank in Nigeria like GTBank, Ecobank etc. And there are actually two ways you can do this, by the direct or indirect use of the Skye bank mobile transfer code.

How To Transfer Using The Direct Skye Bank Mobile Transfer Code

  • Dial *833*Amount*Receiver’s Account Number# using the phone number linked or registered to your Skye bank account.
  • Complete the transaction using your transaction PIN.
  • You will finally be notified of a successful or failed transaction.

How To Transfer Using The Indirect Skye Bank Mobile Transfer Code

  • Dial *833# on your alartz number.
  • Enter 3 to transfer funds.
  • Type in Amount.
  • Receiver’s bank.
  • Receiver’s Account number.
  • Enter your PIN.

Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code ~ For Self & Others

For Self Recharge ~ Dial *833*Amount# and in few seconds you will receive your airtime.

Recharge For Others ~ This is to buy airtime for any number that is not your alartz number. To do this just dial *833*Amount*Receiver’s Phone Number#. Finally, complete the transaction by using your authentication PIN.

How To check your Balance Via The Polaris Bank Account Balance Code.

T check how that is still left in your Polaris bank account simply dial *833*6# and you will receive your account balance details shortly, but you will be charged 10 Naira for this transaction.

Polaris Bank Daily Limit & Charges.

  • Limit On Transfer ~ Maximum of N50,000 daily.
  • Limit On Airtime Recharge ~ N5,000 for daily and N20,000 monthly.
  • Charges On Transfer ~ Skye bank to other banks 52.5 Naira, while Skye bank to other banks is 10.5 Naira.
  • Charges On Bills Payment ~ 53 Naira (LLC & Bet9ja) – 105 Naira (PHCN & DsTv).
  • Charges On Airtime Recharge ~ Free.
  • Network Charges ~ 1 – 5 Naira per transaction. You can’t carry out any transaction if don’t have any airtime.

Other Skye Bank USSD Codes.

  • To Open An Account ~ *833*1#.
  • To Pay with MasterPass ~ *833*7#.
  • For Bills Payment, ~ *833*2# then follow the on-screen prompt.
  • Hotlist ATM Card ~ *833*4# then follow the on-screen instruction.
  • To Change Your PIN ~ *833# >> 9 or * >> 1 to change PIN.

Note: To be able to reset your PIN, you will have to contact Polaris Customer care agent and you can do that by using any of the phone numbers that have been provided below.



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