Today in this article we are going to be intensively discussing one of the most asked questions from sterling bank users which is How can I transfer money with a Sterling Bank money transfer code?

How to Transfer Money with *822# sterling Bank money transfer code

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This post explains in detail and provides you with examples of how you can transfer money with the Sterling Bank money transfer code.

Sterling bank customers can now easily send or transfer money to any bank () in Nigeria with the Sterling Bank Money Transfer Codes which is referred to as USSD Code by most people.

For the sake of those who may not know what USSD means, it simply stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. And it’s major function is to allow Sterling Bank customers to gain access to some basic financial services by just dialing *822#.

How Do I Register for Sterling Bank USSD Code Service?

You can easily register for Sterling Bank USSD Money Transfer Code by simply dialing *822#. You will also be required to create a PIN because the PIN will be needed to authenticate any transaction that you carry out after registration.

Benefits of Sterling Bank Money Transfer code

  1. Transfer money to family and loved ones.
  2. Buy airtime for yourself, your loved ones, and your family.
  3. Check your Sterling bank account balance.

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How Do I Transfer Money from Sterling Bank to Another Sterling bank With Sterling Bank Money Transfer code?

For Sterling to Sterling bank money transfer, just dial *822# and follow the on-screen instructions. Here is the format *822*4*AMOUNT*NUBAN#. E.g, if you want to transfer 3000 Naira from your Sterling bank account to another Sterling bank account, simply dial *822*4*3000*NUBAN#. Not the receiving account must be a Sterling bank account.

How Do I Transfer Money From Sterling Bank To other Banks With the Sterling Bank Money Transfer code?

To send money from your Sterling Bank to another different Bank, just dial *822*5*AMOUNT*Reciever’s Account Number#.

Note: You can’t transfer more than N500,000 a day for savings and current accounts.

How To Use Sterling Bank Money Transfer Code To Check Your Account Balance.

  • Check your Sterling account balance, by dialing *822*6# and your balance will be displayed on your mobile phone.

How to check your Sterling Bank Account Number, dial *822*8# and your account number will display on your phone.

How To Buy Airtime With The Sterling Bank Mobile Recharge Code

Now that you can transfer money from your Sterling Bank Account to any Bank in Nigeria, it is also necessary that you know how to buy airtime with a Sterling bank mobile recharge code. Simply dial *822*Airtime amount#. E.g *822*500#. Note that this must be done from your registered mobile number.

To Buy airtime for family & friends, simply dial *822*Amount*Mobile Number#.

NOTE: Should in case you need extra support or assistance on how to use the *822# kindly contact Sterling Bank Contact Centre via this number 070078375464 or better still, send an email to The best is to get live help with the Sterling Bank Live Chat.

That’s it for today’s topic: Sterling Bank USSD Money Transfer code and how to use it to transfer or send money to other banks, to recharge Airtime or credit for family & friends, to check your Sterling Bank Account Balance. Also, remember to share this post via the Social Sharing button below.


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