Can I Work in the USA While Studying as a Nigeria? Yes, you can. And in this article, you’ll see 3 different ways you can study & work in USA.

Work-Study in the USA

The cost of studying in the USA is on the high side, and I’m sure you may have paused when you saw the amount associated with your degree. The truth is; many universities and colleges in the U.S. have expensive tuition rates for both state and international students.

work and study in USAwork and study in USA

But, in recent times, most of the Universities and colleges in the USA have noticed that many students find it difficult to cope with the high tuition fee. Thus, they are now offering a specialized CPT (Curricular Practical Training) program that offers students the unique opportunity to work as soon as they arrive on the campus.

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Working and studying in the United States of America can be helpful to reduce the intuition cost as well as other costs like book purchase, health insurance, etc. Studying and working in the USA as a student also provide you with applicable work experience.

So, for all those international students wondering “can I work in the USA while studying?”, The simple answer is yes, though with some restrictions.

With the work-study program, you don’t need to delay your dreams of a US education or start saving money for years in preparation. You can now comfortably earn at least minimum wage as you comfortably make extra cash and gather more experience on your resume.

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How To Work And Study In USA as a Nigerian

The first thing you should do before you begin the job finding process is to contact your DSO (Designated School Official). He/She is the person your school designated to assist you as an international student. But, if you’re a student already, then you’ve already made contact with your DSO when you arrived. But if you haven’t, then an official of the institution should be able to show you the right department or person.

The work of your DSO also includes helping you apply for a Social Security Number which is required for all students working in the U.S. He/She will also guide you through the appropriate steps.

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Places You To Find Employment Opportunities.

Below are four places you can work as an international student in the USA with an F1 (student) visa:

  • Off-Campus Employment.
  • On-Campus Employment.
  • CPT (Curricular Practical Training).
  • OPT (Optional Practical Training).

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