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Terms of use for Nigeriabankcodes.com

Note: If you see the words “Nigeriabankcodes” and “The Website” in this article it simply refers to Nigeriabankcodes.com

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You are not permitted to use the website if y0u don’t agree to be bound by the Terms of Use. Nigeriabankcodes have the reserved right to remodel these Terms of Use at any time and will notify its sole discretion of the modified material. And while you continue to still use the website after the publication of the modified material means that you agree with the modified Terms of use.



Please notify us via this email [Nigeriabankcodes@gmail.com] If you feel that any content on “Nigeriabankcodes” violates the Terms of Use.


Commenting Rules Violation

Ensure that your comments are accurate and truthful as you are solely responsible for your comments. Nevertheless, Nigeriabankcodes have the reserved right to both delete, moderate your comments if they go against our terms. We do not accept comments that contain the following:

  • Illegal activities.
  • Barter, exchange or Securities for sale.
  • Defamation, threats, Harassment, bullying, and other rights violations.
  • Obscene, hateful, vulgar, or racially offensive language.
  • Commercial advertising.
  • Comments attacking the author of a post.
  •  Misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity or Impersonation of any person.
  • Infringement of another’s intellectual property, including, but not limited to, trade secrets, trademarks, and any copyrights.
  • “pyramid schemes,” chain letters, Gambling, contests, or “multi-level marketing” schemes

Also, note that you are bound to bring proof that will exonerate you should in case you are accused by a third party of contributing unlawful material.



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Disclosure Policy

Nigeriabankcodes still reserves the right to disclose any information that is required to satisfy any applicable regulation, law, legal process, or request by the government. Nigeriabankcodes also have the right to edit, remove or refuse to post any article or posting on “The Website”. “The Website also reserves the right to limit any user it feels in its sole discretion, is involved in unprofessional, unlawful, or inappropriate conduct.

The website still reserves the right to delete articles or any content which in its sole discretion, goes against any of the principles that are stated herein.


Copyright Policy

Should in case you feel that your copyrights have been infringed, do not hesitate to Contact Us via this email address: Nigeriabankcodes@gmail.com


Unauthorized Use

Unauthorized use of “Nigeriabankcodes” in line with the transmission of an unsolicited e-mail or personal info, including the transmission of e-mail in violation of our policy, could end in civil, administrative or criminal penalties against the sender or those supporting them.



Nigeriabankcodes and any its workers or affiliated person will not be held liable for any damage, losses,  legal fees, and claims arising from your violation of the stated Terms Of Use, the uploading of any of your content on “Nigeriabankcodes”, your use of “Nigeriabankcodes” and to also cooperate with  “Nigeriabankcodes” affiliate’s defense against any claims that pertains to what we have mentioned.



The whole body of these Terms of Use comprises of the whole agreement between Nigeriabankcodes and you and our affiliates in respect to the matter of discussion.