Do you want to learn how to register for UBA internet banking? Should in case you have UBA bank account and want to manage your UBA bank account on-the-go wherever and whenever you feel like, this article is here to do just that. Read on to find out how to register for UBA Internet Banking and also stand the chance to enjoy the benefits of UBA U-Direct Internet Banking.UBA direct Online banking plateform: how to register and use the u-direct (UBA internet banking online)


UBA internet banking

Key Features Of UBA Online Banking (U-direct).

What is the purpose of the U-Direct UBA and was it created for UBA customers? It is an online banking service that gives UBA customers full access and control over their accounts at any time. Below are the key features of UBA Direct Nigeria:

  • Transfers Money: Easily Send and receive funds from anywhere & anyone in the world.
  • Recharge airtime: You can buy airtime for yourself, family & friends all from the internet.
  • Fast self-registration process: You can register or enroll for UBA online banking just in few minutes.
  • Monitor Your Account: You can check your account, the incoming and outgoing transactions, loans, etc.
  • Personalization: You can now customize your online banking experience.
  • book Flight: You can now easily purchase plane tickets from the comfort of your home.
  • Bill payments: Pay for your utility bills and also renew your subscriptions.
  • Cyber Receipt: Receive a digital proof of all your transactions and payments.
  • Well Secured: This is one of the most secured means of carrying out your transactions.
  • 24/7 Access: You can now access your UBA bank account ant time you feel like.

Requirements for UBA Direct.

In order to be able to have unlimited access to your UBA accounts online, there are certain things that you must have which are listed below:

1). An Active UBA bank account;

2). Any device with access to the Internet either a smartphone, PC etc;

3). A well-completed web/enrolment form; ‘

4). Executed Indemnity, if you want to raise your transaction.

Below are the various ways that you can enroll for U-Direct.

How to Register for U-Direct

Check out the three ways you can register for UBA direct online banking:

1). Instant self-enrolment;

2). Applying at the local UBA branch;

3). Registering via Virtual Enrolment Form.


The instant self-enrollment is one of the simplest out of the three options. UBA officials estimated that it would take 40 seconds to do it. Simply:

  • Visit UBA login page which is (,
  • Click on the ‘Instant Self-Registration’ button.
  • A form will appear in a new window fill out the form, and you are set to use your account.
  • You will receive a text from UBA with a ‘One Time Password’, which you will use to access the online banking platform.


The second alternative is for UBA customers to visit any UBA branch near them and fill out the UBA internet banking form and get unlimited access to your UBA bank account. Corporate clients can visit the nearest branch and enroll their employees under the corporate account.


This method seems to be the most complex. To register for UBA online banking through this method In, you will have to fill out the U-Direct Virtual Channel Enrolment Form, which is only available to individuals. Meanwhile, corporate clients have the option of using the UBA Internet Banking Virtual Channel Enrollment Form. Both the individual & corporate forms are available on the UBA website. Click HERE for the Individual form and HERE for the Corporate form. Fill out the forms and that’s all you need to get registered for UBA internet banking.

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