Today in this article we will be schooling you on the various transactions you can carry out using the UBA USSD Code also known as the UBA Transfer Code.

Central Bank of Nigeria in 2012, introduced a policy they called cash policy, which was aimed at reducing the physical cash used for various transactions; which is part of the cashless policy plan.

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The introduction of this policy gave rise to the invention of the bank mobile USSD code which is used by bank customers to carry out almost any financial transaction by simply dialing these codes on their mobile phones without necessarily being connected to the internet.

The UBA USSD Code, also known as the UBA Transfer code or UBA recharge code, can only be used by UBA customers to carry out certain financial transactions like transferring money, checking their account balance, buying airtime, paying bills, and a whole lot more.

The process is very fast, and easy and even on weekends or public holidays, you can still use the UBA Transfer Code to carry out some of your financial activities.

The revolutionary introduction of the Bank USSD code has really relieved almost everyone using the bank and has brought great joy to customers who use the bank almost every day.

They don’t need to stand in front of an ATM machine on a long queue to transfer money, withdraw money or even recharge their phones. And this is all thanks to technology.

Apart from UBA USSD Code, which is used to carry out certain financial transactions, you can still use internet banking and mobile apps to carry out similar financial transactions.

UBA USSD Code: Magic Banking Registration.

To use the United Bank of Africa Plc (UBA) mobile banking code, there are certain requirements you must meet and registration on the platform is one of them.

In order to activate the mobile banking code on your phone, you will be needing your phone number that is linked to your UBA account, any mobile phone capable of receiving and sending out calls, the last 4-digits of your ATM card or you can use your BVN in place of the 4-digits on your ATM card and magic banking.

  1. Simply dial *919# (UBA magic banking code) on the phone number linked to your account.
  2. Type in any number for the banking option that shows up.
  3. On the welcome page, you will be required to enter 1 to sign up.
  4. You will be asked to choose between registering with Uba Prepaid or Nuban account number.
  5. Type in your 10-digit prepaid or account numbers.
  6. Create your magic banking PIN. You will be required to input the last 4 numbers on your atm card or BVN.
  7. Finally, confirm your PIN to complete the registration process.

Note that you can reset or even change your PIN at any point in time. To change or reset your PIN

  1. Simply dial *919#
  2. Reply with 7 (twice) for the next page
  3. 4 for the PIN setup
  4. Change or Reset PIN.

Uba Transfer Code

There are two different methods you can use to transfer funds. Number one, you can choose to simply dial *919# and then follow the On-screen prompt, this is the indirect use of the code. Secondly,  you can use the direct code which will be explained below.

The good thing here is that no matter if you use the indirect code or the direct code, you will still be able to transfer funds to UBA accounts, other different Nigerian bank accounts, and finally to the prepaid card account.

How To Transfer to Another Uba Account ( Uba to Uba).

  • Dial *919*3*account number# on the number linked to your UBA account.
  • Enter the exact amount you want to transfer.
  • Complete or authenticate the transaction with your PIN.

How To Transfer Money From Uba To Other Banks (Inter).

  • Simply dial *919*4*account number*amount# on the number linked to your UBA account.
  • Select the bank you want to transfer the money to.
  • Confirm the receiver’s information.
  • Then, complete the transfer with your transaction PIN.

How To Fund Your Uba Prepaid Card

You can choose to top-up or load your prepaid card account via UBA USSD Code.

  • Simply dial *919*32#,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Authenticate (Finalize) the transaction process with your PIN.

Uba Airtime Recharge Code

You can also buy airtime for your phone number linked to your Uba account or any other number using the magic banking code. The Uba Airtime recharge code has a direct and indirect code just like the UBA transfer code.

For indirect Uba Airtime recharge, simply dial *919#, then reply to the On-screen prompts with the appropriate number for airtime recharge, and finalize this airtime purchase with your PIN (if it is a third-party recharge).

Direct Recharge Code

Self Airtime Recharge.

To buy airtime for the number that is linked to your UBA account, simply dial *919*amount#.

Third (3rd) Party Recharge.

To buy airtime for other numbers, that are not linked to or associated with your UBA account >> Simply dial *919*recieverphonenumber*amount# >> Authenticate or complete the airtime recharge process with your PIN.

How To Check Uba Account Balance.

Just dial *919*00# to know your account balance.

Other UBA Magic Banking Codes.

Uba Mobile Code Charges & Limit.

Charges For Transfer  ~ Uba 2 Uba is Free, while Uba 2 other banks charge you 52.5 Naira per Transfer.
Charges For Network  ~ 1 – 3 Naira (Airtime).
Daily Transfer Limit ~ 20,000 Naira with PIN and 1,000,000 Naira with Token.
Recharge Limit (Daily) ~ 5,000 Naira.


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