Vatemate is one of the best video downloader app, which can be used to download videos online into your various devices like Android, PC, iOS, and Windows. Vatemat is also known as vidmate.

One advantage of using Vatemate, is you get to download all your desired videos from the internet into your device all for free. With the application, you can perform various functions instantly and easily as well as save time.



You can easily download and install the app on your mobile device in a couple of seconds from the 9apps store and we will show you how to do that below. With the application downloaded and installed on your device, you can easily download videos, Music, photos and so many other files that you can possibly download from either video streaming platforms or directly from the internet into your device.

Vatemat APK app supports offline mode which gives you access to save your desired Music and Video downloads in a separate private password protected-folder. You can access the folder offline and any time you wish to listen and play the saved files using an in-app media player.

The application is a unique one and it comes in with amazing features and functions that are missing in other similar applications. Unlike other similar apps, Vatemate supports file formats like Mp3, Mp4, m4a, avi, wmv, mov, pdf, txt, doc, xls,  and others.

In short, this application is an amazing application for those still contemplating, we suggest you go keep on reading so you can immediately download and start enjoying unlimited free downloads.

Features of Vatemat APK (Vidmate)

1). The music, photos, and movies that you download with this app can still be saved in a private folder, that is properly secured with a password.

2). The app supports downloading large files like videos and other files in various formats

3). Apart from videos, you can use the application to download other files such as Music, Photos, and many other files.

4). The application has a friendly user interface that allows even an average person to know how to use the app even without a professional direction.

5). The application is compatible with PCs, Android smartphones, iOS, and other devices.

6). The application is free to both download and use.

7). You can download TV shows, full HD movies, Live TV, and more all for free.

8). With Vatemat, you can download files from portals like Facebook, YouTube, Adult Videos, Instagram, Soundcloud, Tumblr, FunnyorDie, Metacafe, etc.

9). It is currently the Fastest Video Downloader.

10). Watch live TV from more than 200 channels.

Download Vatemat (Vid mate APK)

As mentioned earlier, this application is compatible with any iOS devices and others such as Android smartphones, PCs, Windows, BlackBerry, and others that we will be discussing and making available their download links for each below.

Download vidmate apkpure for Android

vidmate apkpure is a free video downloader that allows you to download interesting and latest movies, music, photos, and other files for free.

vidmate apkpure is available for Android smartphones, though not directly available on Google Play Store because you will have to download it from APK file format. And there are settings that must be also made for the vidmate apkpure to be successfully downloaded and installed.

In order to successfully download and install the Vid mate app on Android smartphones, you will have to make some changes, such as enabling the unknown source and other little temporal changes. Below are the steps that you should take in order to carry out the download and installation process successfully.

i). First of all, you have to download the application using this link.

ii). After it has been successfully downloaded on your device, go to your smartphone ‘Settings’  and tick (check) the Unknown sources box.

iii). Your device is now ready to install the Vidmate APK file.

iv). What you have to do now is to open the vidmate apkpure and install it.

v). The final step is for you to wait patiently until the installation is successful. You then go ahead and start enjoying your vidmate apkpure on your Android smartphone.

How to Download Vidmate For Blackberry

The vidmate app was originally made for only Android smartphones, but somehow, apk files and other developers have also made the app available for other devices and BlackBerry happens to be one of the files that can also use them.

In order to enjoy unlimited videos, music, photos, and other files on your BlackBerry using the vid mate app, your Blackberry device must be up to version  10.2.1 or above. Below is how you can actually enjoy unlimited music, videos, and more. Simply follow the steps below to see how you can download and install vidmate on your BlackBerry device.

1). The first thing you should do is to visit vidmate official website, then go ahead and download the application.

2). The next thing to do is to go to your phone settings >>  Security or Settings >> check the Unknown Sources.

3). Ater that, you can then go ahead and open the app and install the Vatemat apkpure. You can now start enjoying the benefits of the application.

Vidmate For IOS Download

Unlike in other devices, downloading and installing the vidmat apkpure on iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod is very simple. You can’t actually find the vidmat apk on Google Play Store, so what you have to do is to follow the instruction on how to download and install the application.

Carefully read through on how you can actually download and install the application using the simple that we have listed out below.

1). Navigate to the vatemat official website and download the Vidmate APK.

2). Just like the formula used on the other devices, you will have to visit your iOS phone settings >> follow by where you see either Security or Settings >> then check (tick) the Unknown Sources.

3). After that, Go back to the application you downloaded, open it and install the apk. After the application must have been successfully installed, you can then go ahead and start enjoying all the videos, music, and others using the Vidmate app.

Download Vidmate For PC

We already mentioned that Vatemat is one of the best music and video downloader. You can use this application to watch and download your latest and favorite music and videos even on your PC, though the app was exclusively originally produced for Android.

You can download, install and start using the application on your PC, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, MAC Laptop,  and other laptops.

For you to be able to use the vatemat apk on your PC and other laptops, you will first endeavor that you download and use any Android emulator, though we usually recommend using the Blue Stacks.

The Blue Stacks (Android emulator) will serve as a mediator which helps usher in Android applications and even use Android applications even on Personal Computers. So, below is how you can successfully download, install and start using the vidmate apk to download and watch unlimited movies, music, etc. on your personal computers.

1). The first thing to do is download and install any Android emulator on your PC, and we usually recommend Blue Stacks as we earlier mentioned.

2). After downloading and installing the Blue Stacks on your PC, go to your Blue Stacks home page and search for Vidmate.

3). When you find the vidmate app, go ahead and download it by clicking on it and the APK file will be processed.

4). After you must have successfully downloaded the application on your PC, it will be seated among other apps on your PC and you can start using the apk to watch unlimited videos, music, and more.

Download vidmate old version

Apart from the current vidmate like the 2019 / 2018 vid mate, there is still the vid mate old version, in which some people still enjoy because of its features. In order to download vatemat (vidmate old version). You can download the old version and enjoy unlimited video streaming, using this link.

VidMate apk download

One good thing about the VidMate apk is that it is always up to date as if they update it. In order to download and enjoy the VidMate apk upgraded version use this link.

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