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Zenith Bank Mobile App Registration, Download Links & Login for Android & iOS

Being one of the banks that people mostly use in Nigeria, Zenith bank decided to launch a mobile banking app in order to improve their customers’ banking experience.  There are a whole lot of things that you can possibly do with zenith bank mobile app, which we will be revealing in this article.

Mobile banking is another type of banking platform that allows bank customers to carry out financial transactions with the use of a mobile application or a USSD Code.

Below you will find all you need to know about the zenith mobile banking app. And if you still want to know more about carrying out your financial transactions using zenith bank USSD Code on your mobile phone without an internet connection, then click HERE.

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Zenith Bank Mobile App ~ Benefits & Features.

The zenith bank mobile app serves two purposes, It serves as a mobile bank and as a part mWallet app.

It is also different from the Zenith bank ussd code which does not require an internet connection to access your account. The zenith bank mobile app must be connected to the internet before it can work. It usually requires an Android or iOS to use this application.

One good thing about the Zenith bank mobile app is that it is more secure compared to the Zenith Bank USSD Code platform.

Zenith Bank Mobile App ~ Features and Advantages

  • Open Account
  • Recharge Airtime
  • Check Balance
  • Transfer Funds
  • Bills Payment
  • Book Hotel
  • Flight Ticket Payment
  • Generate Statement of Account
  • Manage Beneficiaries (Add & Remove)
  • Manage Cheques (Request, Confirm, Stop)
  • Mobile Banking & Mobile Wallet
  • Manage Debit Cards (Activate, De-Activate)
  • Locate Nearest Branch & ATM
  • Transaction History
  • Retrieve Login Details

Places You Can Download Zenith Bank Mobile App

Go to your Android or iOS play store, search and download zenith app that is compatible with your device.  Most importantly, below are download links that you can make use of:

  • For Android Visit Here.
  • For iPhones visit Here.
  • BlackBerry Visit Here.
  • Other Smartphones Visit Here.
Zenith Mobile App Free Download

Zenith bank Mobile Money

How Do I Register or Activate Zenith Bank Mobile App

Before you can start using the Zenith bank Mobile app, you will have to register your device.

The essence of registering your device is to lock your zenith bank account to that device you register, therefore, making very impossible for another to device login even with your details.

You can either register as a non-internet banking user or internet banking user. Below are the steps to get your Zenith bank mobile app registered or activated.

  1. Launch the zenith bank app,
  2. Click on the ‘Register New Device?’ located at the mid-right side of the app,
  3. Type in your nuban account number,
  4. Choose whether you want to enter as an internet banking user or a non-internet banking user,
  5. Read their Terms and Conditions and click on the ‘I Agree’ button,
  6. Those who choose Non-internet banking will receive OTP directly on their alertz number. Type or copy the OTP into the space provided,
  7. Create a login password & confirm it  (6-digit),
  8. Create & confirm your mobile authentication PIN (4-digit). Required for finalizing all transaction,
  9. Therefore those who choose Internet banking will enter their internet banking PIN (4-digit) + Token (6-digits),
  10. Click on Continue in order to complete your registration,
  11. After doing all that I mentioned above, You will be redirected back to a Login page,
  12. Login with your account number and password.
  13. While, internet banking user, will need their authentication PIN and Token to finalize all their transactions while the non-internet banking users will need just the authentication PIN.

Zenith Bank Mobile App Daily Transfer Limit

The daily transfer limit for those who registered as internet banking user is N3,000,000 to another zenith bank account, while to other Nigerian bank is N1,000,000. The Non-internet banking user has a daily limit of N100,000.

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