Zenith Bank Mobile Money transfer Code is one of the ways that Zenith bank put their customers in charge of their own account. The Zenith Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code allows you to transfer money from your Zenith Bank account to other Banks in Nigeria using your mobile phone.

The aim of coming up with this article is to show you how to transfer money from one Zenith Bank account to another through Zenith Bank USSD Mobile Money transfer code. You will also learn how to check Zenith Bank account balance using your mobile phone and how to buy airtime for your phone using the Zenith Bank Mobile Money recharge code.

How To Transfer Money With Zenith Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code.

Zenith Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code

To be eligible for the Zenith BANK USSD Transfer Code on phone, there is a need that you register the number that you will use in dialing the code. But fortunately enough, the number that you use in creating an account with Zenith bank is already automatically activated for Zenith Bank Mobile Money Transfer.

In order to transfer money (fund) from your Zenith bank account to any bank in Nigeria, all you have to do is simply dial *966*Amount*Recipant Account Number# and it must be done from the phone number that is associated with your account number. The next step to take is to follow the on-screen prompt that will be displayed.

How To Use Your Phone To Check Zenith Bank Account Balance

Zenith bank mobile money transfer code

One good thing about the Zenith Bank Mobile Money Transfer code is that you really don’t need to visit the banking hall or stand in front of an ATM machine in order to carry out any transaction.

To check your Zenith bank account balance, simply dial *966*00#. Note that the code must be dialed from the phone number that is associated with your Zenith bank account.

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